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Nowadays, people are suffering from various conditions and diseases. To prevent or cure such discomforts they often use the Allopathic medicines. It will suitable for only few people and not everyone can get expected cure from it. So, the users are advised to use the natural medicines like Essential oil to get instant relief and permanent cure from the discomforts. Before that the users should understand what essential oil is. It is natural oil, which is usually obtained from the plant and trees. It has the special odor of tree or plant of which it is extracted. It is good for the health and it is possible to use these oils for various purposes. The users can find more than 97 essential oils in the market.

What is Olive Leaf Essential Oil?
The Olive Leaf essential oil is extracted from the olive trees. This oil is well known for its pleasant smell and it provides various health benefits to the consumers. The olive can be applied to the skin directly to prevent the skin conditions. It provides lot of health benefits to the users but the not recommended for the pregnant and breast feeding women because it may cause some allergenic effects to them. Similarly, the diabetic patients also advised to consult with their doctor before start using this oil.

Health benefits of Olive leaf Essential Oil:
olive leaf in aromatherapy
• Prevents the inhibition and cancer and it reduces the tumor volume. The studies have shown that olive leaf oil can prevent the breast cancer for women.

• It prevents the loss of bone density and helps the users to overcome the conditions of osteoporosis.

• The antibacterial properties of the olive leaf oil can really cure the infection and skin conditions. 
The users who have the rashes can apply this oil to get instant relief from it.

• The anti inflammatory properties of the olive leaf oil fight against inflames on skin. It can be applied for the sprains also but the users should not apply the same to the wounds.

• It reduces the blood pressure and helps the blood vessels to relax. It also has the ability to prevent the blood clots.

• The Olive leaf oil has the ability to reduce the formation of bad cholesterol on the muscles and prevents its oxidation.

• It can enhance the immunity system and helps the users to gain more health benefits. The limited level of olive leaf can be utilized every day.

• It is against the viruses and fight against the cold. It also controls the flue and herpes too.

• It destroys the formation of fungus and effectively cures different types of conditions and diseases.

• The users who are suffering from the malaria can also utilize this oil.

So, the Olive Leaf essential oil provides different health benefits to the users. So, the users are advised to utilize the help of this natural oil.

Olive Leaf Essential Oil

It has been clinically proven that Olive possesses some amazing medicinal traits to build a strong immunity. Basically, it contains natural antioxidants, anti-aging, and cardio-protective, blood sugar regulating and antibiotic elements. A fresh extract of Olive leaf consists of antioxidant capacity, almost double of green tea extract and almost 400% higher than vitamin C. Olive Leaf vs HIV / AIDS has been a matter of great discussion in the medical areas.

Results after research
The fact that Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) contains unimaginable effects against AIDS is unknown to many people. It first came to the public notion when Dr. Robert F. Cathcart III, MD was experimenting on the ascorbic acid and its application in the treatment of viral diseases and his research led him to the result that acerbate is greatly effective in the treatment of HIV AIDS. Oleuropein in the Olive Leaf extract has the antibacterial and anti-viral agents.

Articles on the effects of OLE

In recent times, many publications have been organized to present the amazing articles on Olive Leaf vs HIV / AIDS. This articles present solid proves based on the interviews of many HIV challenged individuals who use Olive Leaf extracts for the purpose. Reportedly, OLE or Olive Leaf extract contains high amounts of anti-oxidants which help in building a high immunity system.

alternative natural treatment
Other Traits

Not just of AIDS but other beneficial qualities are included when the subject of Olive Leaf extract comes to discussion. American Research proves valuable elements inside OLE which controls blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, influenza, ulcers and many other diseases. The huge range of usage for other purposes such as botulism, chicken pox, bladder and urinary infection, nail fungus, pink eye, cholera, common cold etc are vastly accepted all across the world.

OLE used in Cosmetics

When reading a label of some product it informs the consumer of the compounds used and the respective effects on the health. So after you buy a product which has Olive leaf Extract as the main ingredient then the list of advantages increase to high stage. Research proves 97 different compounds found in the OLE with different abilities. Skin care products such as cream, moisturizer, lotion and soaps are very commonly used in almost every city.

OLE as an alternative

The main fact about HIV is being that it is a fatal disease. But the advance medical approaches have made many successful experiments upon HIV challenged patients. But the high costs of the medicines, micronutrients and other necessary products made it quite unreachable for middle class or lower class people. That is why alternative methods are searched all across the internet. It can be easily found if the target is based on Olive Leaf vs HIV / AIDS.

Miscellaneous arenas

A thorough research in the subject clarifies the matter that many such HIV AIDS challenged patients across the United States are satisfied users of OLE or Olive Leaf Extract. The component that is known as flavonoids that increases immunity against heart disease is also found in both OLE and Olive oil. Olive oil has been proven to be very healthy cooking oil. Olive Leaf vs HIV / AIDS has been proven to be a successful attempt to inform about the benefits of OLE.

Olive Leaf vs HIV / AIDS

The growing pollution in the atmosphere continuously creates havoc in the natural rhythm of life. All the energy counted as natural is being destructed with the appearance of serious unhealthy compounds. The technology may have increased to the level of high prosperity but it has also cursed the common resources. Air, soil and even water are being polluted with it. The outcome is very devastating. Still natural elements protect the human life. Olive Leaf cream is one such product.

Medicinal properties of Olive Leaf

The skin disease is one of the most common effects of the continuous pollution. It causes skin blemishes, wrinkles, tan, infection and aging. These are very sensitive matters and if not taken care of as early as possible then it might be difficult to get ridden of. The leaf of Olive tree is filled with various medicinal effects. These leaves are commonly known to be natural antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory, cardio protective and anti-biotic agent.

Usable in all the weathers

The natural elements that are extracted from the Olive leaf are very consciously mixed with other compounds to create Olive Leaf cream. The specialty of this cream is to protect the skin from the harsh weather around and maintain a natural glow. Not just women but men are also advised to use the cream for a good result. The common opinion is that only the winter is capable of hurting the skin but it is not true. All the weather is harmful with the recent high pollution level.

olive leaf skin lotion

Olive oil: Preventing illness

In all around the world, Olive oil has been popular to be healthy cooking oil because it possesses antioxidants oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol and many other types of polyphenols with flavonoids. All these are present in the Olive leaf and the Olive itself. Often, famous cooks show the recipes with Olive oil to prevent many serious illness caused from bad cooking oil.

Olive leaf extracts containing regenerating agents

All the Mediterranean trees like Olive tree have built a high level of antioxidants as a natural protection against the environmental odds. Olive leaf extracts contains high amount of the antioxidants that are helpful in the regeneration properties.  The Olive Leaf cream contains the exact abilities to regenerate the broken skin cells and heals it quickly. Wounds are often treated with this cream.

Protective lair against germs and bacteria

The Olive Leaf extract is used in other types of cosmetics too. Soaps are often made with the extract. As the Olive leaf contains antibacterial agent so naturally it is very helpful from preventing any infection and other types of contagious illness. Some parents are very strict when it comes to the health of their children. They let their children use these types of soap that will build a protection against any germs and bacteria.

A cream for all ages

As one of the top antibacterial and antioxidant natural product, Olive Leaf cream is highly recommended for teenagers. It might seem unnecessary for the youthful vigour of the skin but from this particular age the damage starts. A protection against it must be kept. Adults too are also highly recommended to use the product to recover from whatever harm has been done to the skin.

Olive Leaf Face Cream / Skin Lotion

Oleuropein is an essential and important ingredient which is found in olive leaf and also in green olives. Olive leaf extracts are extremely beneficial and contribute in enhancing and improving health. The efficiency of olive leaf depends entirely on the amount of Oleuropein present in that particular olive plant.

The concentration is not constant; it varies from one olive plant to another olive plant. Hence there is directly proportional relation between Oleuropein concentration and benefits of olive leaves. Many other active ingredients are present inside olive leaves but this ingredient is the most important and beneficial ingredient among all other ingredients.

Properties of oleuropein

The main properties of characteristic features of this compound are listed as follows:

•    Anti bacterial in nature.
•    Anti fungal in nature.
•    Anti viral in nature.
•    Good antibiotic properties.
olive leaf antioxidant
What are the benefits of oleuropein?

An Italian researcher once found that this ingredient or compound contains numerous benefits. After that extensive research on olive leaf extract started and resulted in discovery of numerous uses and the benefits of Oleuropein are listed as follows-

•    Helps to cure many allergies.

•    Used in the treatment of deadly diseases like herpes.

•    Also helpful to cure chronic fatigue, many fungal infections, psoriasis and other such fungal or bacterial diseases.

•    Increases blood flow through capillaries and arteries which in result enhances blood circulation system.

•    Gives relief from arrhythmia.

•    Acts as a potential antioxidant. In your body presence of free radical are extremely dangerous as it harms cells of your body to a great extent. Thus Oleuropein being good oxidants slows down oxidation of molecules inside your body. By this the cells are not damaged and our health will improve and you will be a healthy and fit person.

•    Improves or enhances your immune system. Your defense mechanism system will improve which will enable you to fight from diseases more efficiently. Having good immune system is extremely important and crucial to maintain proper functioning of all your internal organs and mechanisms involved with them.

•    Good source of vitamin C which is increases detoxification process and other cellular functions.

•    Gives relief from stress and tension. It has a magical property with which it can relief anyone from hypertension and stress. Nowadays hypertension is a common phenomenon hence it is used to cure hypertension.

•    Cures many lung diseases and even heart diseases. Heart patients are advised to use olive leaf tea and other products of olive leaf because of this property.

•    Dental problems are also cured.

•    Enhance or improves respiratory conditions.

•    It is even anti-tumor in nature. Studies in-vitro has shown that this antioxidant has a potential anti-tumor property. It acts by preventing growth and replication of viruses and bacteria and thus increases their death rate and within few days the virus is vanished.

•    Good antibiotic and hence used in manufacture of various medicines.

•    Inhibits the spread of HIV-1 virus.

Oleuropein - Health Benefits and Uses

Olive leaf is considered as an important medicinal plant and it consists of numerous benefits or advantages. It is a kind of plant which is used extensively for the manufacture various products and medicines. It is used in a wide range of products starting from beauty products to perfumes and tea. Olive leaf is even used in producing tea which is beneficial not only for your health but also for your skin.

What is exactly meant by olive leaf tea?

Olive leaf tea is the tea which is manufactured from the leaves of olive tree. This tea is a kind of mellow which is soft in nature. It comprises of dozens of advantages. Many people are not aware of the benefits of olive tea and in this article you will find a couple of advantages which will convince you to use olive tea. After reading this article no one will be able to resist themselves from using olive tea leaf.

Tea is a thing which is used and consumed by people daily. Without tea your day seems to be dull. In the morning after you wake up you prefer tea so as to boost energy in you. Thus if you use olive leaf tea then it will not only energize you but will also keep you fit and healthy internally and externally.  It is usually made from organic green olive leaves and is dried quickly to increase or amplify your health.
health benefits
Benefits of olive leaf tea

It is an ideal replacement for normal tea and thus the benefits of switching your choice to olive leaf tea are listed below-

•    This tea will not only enhance your mood but will also make your day fresh and good. The fragrance is alluring and amazing. It will satisfy you with its smooth and soft nature.

•    Proves to be good source of antioxidants and vitamin C and both of these are extremely important for proper functioning of your internal system.

•    It improves blood circulation and even helps in increasing the number of macrophages level and hence acts as an enhancer of your immune system.

•    100% natural and organic which is very good for your health.

•    Evokes a sense of satisfaction and because of this property olive leaf tea is considered as a symbol of peace.

•    Used in the treatment of malaria and fevers. This is not known to everyone that olive leaves are used to cure many pathogenic and dangerous diseases which are fatal for every human being hence this is considered as the most important advantage.

•    It gives you relief from joint pain including arthritic pain. After a certain age this problem is seen in most of the persons hence switching to olive tea will not only decrease your joint pain and problems but will also keep you fit and healthy.

•    Improves and enhances your cardiovascular conditions. Keeps your heart strong and healthy.

•    Even considered helpful for patients suffering from fatal disease like AIDS.

Olive Leaf Tea

In olden times, there originated a proverb which implied that exchanging of olive leaves would keep away all the differences and pave way for a new beginning. Though times have changed, yet metaphorically speaking olive leaves have not lost its significance.

This Mediterranean based plant has in some way or the other always proved its necessity in the market of health and nutrition. The olive leaf extract is one of the most prized medicinal extract and is useful in case of a variety of cases. Hence, one should be well aware of the manner in which it can be used, and the process of its extraction.

How to make the perfect tincture:

It is very well known that extracts from olive leaves are extremely useful. However, it should be noted that the extract needs to be made out of the best quality olive leaves to get the desired effect.

•    The extract should be strong enough and hence, the Manzanillo or the Mission leaves should be used, since they have the greater quantity of oleuropein.

•    Generally the leaves should be pluck in the mid-morning for best results. This is done so that there is no moisture on the leaves and can be best used for grinding.

•    Diluted alcohol, vodka or even ethanol can be used to help out in preparing the tincture.

•    Finally the complete tincture can be produced by making it in the general way.

This tincture has multiple qualities as an antioxidant, immunostimulator, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and cardio protective aspects. Thus, one has a plethora of plus points in this whole mixture.
health benefits and uses
What are the various uses of olive leaf extract?

This extract can be used in multiple ways, with its direct consumption in certain diets being the most used way.

•    Balancing of blood pressure:

This is one of the best extracts that is useful for lowering of blood pressure. There are polyphenol compounds found in olives. This is helpful for prevention for formation of arterial plaques. The “adhesion molecules” which cause platelets and white blood cells, to stick to arterial walls to form the plaques are removed. Formation of platelet aggregation is also reduced and hence clogging of walls is stopped. Thus, this becomes helpful in maintaining the pressure of the body.

•    Diabetes treatment:

This is important because olive leaf extract can be used to reduce the glucose and cholesterol level in the blood. The oleuropein slows the absorption of sugar from the intestines, thus, increasing the level of other antioxidant levels.

•    Protection from Cancer:

The oleuropein content help in reducing the inflammation of the tumor cells. It also helps in reducing the ability of the malignant cells to respond to oestrogen, and also stops the production of “protein melting” enzymes which are required by cancer cells.

•    Preventing Arthritis:

The olive leaf extract prevents the uric acid from building up together, by stopping xanthine oxidase, the enzyme that converts DNA into uric acid and RNA.

•    Neuro protection:

The extracts help in protecting the central nervous system and the neurofibrillary tissues of the brain. Thus, the brain tissues are saved from any damage, inflammation or diseases as Alzheimer’s.

Thus, one can clearly find out how useful olive leaf extract is for the human body, and use it in the correct manner.

Olive Leaf Extract

The beauty of olive tree (olea europaea) rests in the fact that it can be used in a multifarious manner. Be it the mere oil that is extracted from the fruit or even other medicinal products manufactured from the plant like leaft extract and essential oil. This substances are loaded of interesting properties wich may help to cure every disease!

The silvery green leaves contain phenolic compounds, and oleuropein, one of the most important components to help in complete nutritional process. From acting as an antioxidant to helping out in the prevention of a number of inflammatory, fungal, viral and bacterial diseases, this plant provides relief to one and all.

In certain dietary habits, olive oil is present in quite great extent. Also, in a large number of medications and supplements, one can find the presence of olive oil antioxidants in its composition. But if you want to know... the Olive Leaf has a much higher phenolic capacity, being more effective to slow down the aging process preventing cellular oxidation and a lot of problems derived from it.
Health benefits
How is this helpful?

There are a number of plants which have certain rare healing effects with the ability to reverse some incurable diseases. Olive leaves (OL) can definitely be ranked on the topmost of them, given its variety of benefits. Thus, one needs to be aware of the positive impacts of this plant and know about the health benefits attributed to it. All of this is based not only on cellular protection but also in the adaptogenic capabilities of Olive Leaf wich significantly improves the hormonal levels of the body.

We can find effect of OL in a number of cases. Certain diseases can be completely cured, while others prevented or controlled. 

Olive leaf health benefits:

•    Helps in arthritis:

In this case olive leaves can be very helpful for the patient. Generally this happens when uric acid is build up in our knees and there is also an excess of RNA present. This condition can be termed as rheumatoid arthritis.

The olive leaves have a compound called oleuropein. This helps in inhibiting the building up of xanthine oxidase, which is the enzyme responsible for converting DNA into uric acid and RNA. Thus, the person is saved from severe gout problems.

•    Neurological benefits:

There are a number of issues which can harm our nervous system as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. The olive leaf as antioxidant prevents this from happening and thus helps in assembling of neurofibrillary tangles thereby preventing the central nervous system from any type of improper functioning. In this cases, the cellular protection by phenolic compounds is crucial.

•    Helps in cancer:

In case of breast cancers, this oil helps in reducing the action of oestrogen reaction to the malignant cancerous cells. They also reduces the inflammation of the tumor cells, thereby making the healing process faster. Also, cancer cells need certain “protein-melting” enzymes to operate. The oleuropein reduces this reaction strategy making it as powerless as possible. OL can also fight all types of cancer promoting alkalinization of the human system and repairing DNA.

•    Treating infections:

In general olive oil is used for treating bacterial diseases, influenza, meningitis, cold and other whole lot of bacterial and virus related activities. Also the powerful essential oil contained in OL is sufficient to destroy a large population of fungus in organism like the ruthless candida albicans.

•    Balancing the blood pressure:

The oleuropein present within this is useful for reducing the cholesterol levels and triglycerides. This helps in maintaining a balance in blood pressure by reducing the formation of arterial plaques. The Olive Leaf as antioxidant is used to make sure that there is no clogging of platelets and white blood cells, resulting in smooth blood flow.

Olive Leaf - Health Benefits